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The first, which featured the "nipple dial" and a brown and gold insert is what collectors call the Root Beer. An all-black insert was added to the line-up in the early 1970s for the steel watch. The modern age of collecting vintage watches has seen a greater focus on rare parts. Bezel inserts are a particular highlight.Patek Philippe Replica Watches A vintage steel GMT-Master owner will want to have both a black and a Pepsi insert so that they can switch between them. You get two watches with very different looks, plus an insert for the price one. This is a great deal!

The 1970s saw the beginning of an era that Rolex refers to as the "transitional" era. The brand introduced sapphire crystals and the quick-set date function. It also made a return to glossy dials with luminous-filled white-gold hour markers. These features were introduced to the Explorer, Submariner, GMT-Master and Explorer lines. These features were not all available in every line at once.

All three were present in the Explorer 2's ref. 16550. The Submariner ref. 16800 was equipped with the quick-set date function, sapphire crystal, and a matte dial at first (which eventually changed to white-gold surround hour plots). The GMT-Master ref. The GMT-Master ref. 16750 was first introduced in 1979.tudor replica It only had the quick-set date function. Although the matte dials were gradually replaced by white-gold hour markers dials, it was not fitted with a sapphire glass. Collectors prefer early 16750s with a matte dial. These watches are more expensive than the glossy-dialed versions.

Rolex introduced the next generation sports watches in the middle of the 1980s. New references replaced the old ones, such as Submariner non date ref. 5513 was replaced by the 14060. With the new ref., the GMT-Master II was renamed as the GMT-Master II. 16760. As standard features, the watch had a sapphire glass, quick-set date, and a glossy dial with white-gold surround hours markers. The main innovation, and the reason why the "II" was added to the watch's name, was the new 24-hour independently-setting feature (quick-set).

Ref. 16750 matte dial (Image: Antiquorum)

Ref. 16750 glossy dial (Image: Antiquorum)

GMT-Master II ref. 16760 (Image: Antiquorum)

This was a major development in the watch line. It allowed the watch to be more flexible and could monitor three time zones. To accommodate the thicker movement, the watch was housed inside a thicker case.Rolex datejust replica Although it is not as thick as theRolex datejust replica Big Block, it's still thicker than other GMT watches. These are much thinner than those of the Submariner. This watch has been nicknamed "Fat Lady" by collectors. Collectors will also be interested to know that this watch is an early dial variant, in which the word "DATE", is absent from the upper dial text. We love vintage Rolex because of the small, yet important details.

Rolex datejust replica